Today’s Topic: Overwatch

I’m a day late and a dollar short on the new release of Orisa, but I can’t help but play and discuss Overwatch anyways. A new character is great, but the last time a new character was released, it was a mess. I’m looking at you, Sombra. The largest issue was the fact that everyone wanted to play the new hero. So in competitive, there was always at least one Sombra who had no clue what they were doing, and they almost always lost. To help groom this, Blizzard made it so Orisa cannot be played in competitive during the first week. It’s great that Blizzard changed this, so we can still enjoy our competitive games, and those who want to play the new character can go to quickplay and arcade. Now, let’s talk about Orisa herself. Jeff Kaplan said that he wanted Orisa to be an “anchor tank”, someone that their team plays around, such as Reinhardt. However, Orisa does not fill this role for many reasons.

Orisa may not fill the anchor tank role, but she does do everything else. Orisa is a very versatile character having responses for most any situation, she can counter an ult, a flanker, or another tank with her mixed set of abilities. Personally, I love the mini-graviton ball, and it can be used creatively to kill players by dropping them off of a nearby cliff.

Overall, I’m really happy with what Blizzard is doing, and I look forward to the release of new characters in the future, just please no more ARG’s.


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