Today’s Topic: The Open Internet & Internet Security

With the internet being an integral part of a happy and successful life nowadays, there’s a lot of laws and such surrounding it, some countries even see internet access as a basic human right. So, the internet and privacy, and therefore internet privacy are basic human rights, right? Well, the Senate voted to allow ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) sell your browsing history / information. As shocking as this may seem, stuff like this has already been going on, just not legally, and if this vote gets past the house of reps, this kind of stuff will be perfectly legal.

It doesn’t end here either, there has been a fight going on for Net Neutrality, the idea that ISP’s cannot restrict content on the internet no matter the source, and not blocking any websites. A legislative war is being waged, and we, as users of the open internet need to protect our right to full internet access and privacy. I’m not the greatest at describing things, but this website helps to show what may await us. Keep in mind though, there are certainly things you can do. You can call your state representatives, donate to organizations, and many other (legal) things I can’t think of. Let’s keep the internet ours.


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