Today’s Topic: Books

It’s not uncommon for people this day and age to wonder, “Why do we need books anymore? I got a perfectly good computer that can fit nearly limitless books!”, and very seldom can others answer besides, “Well, they’re books, it’s not the same as a screen!”. While this person isn’t wrong, it’s still easier to use a tablet, phone or PC. If that’s so, why are there so many books? Well, for one thing, books are still easy and cheap to make. The existence of e-books does not make regular books any harder to make. Books are from paper, paper comes from trees, and there are ~3 trillion trees on earth, so I think we’ll be alright. While this may be obvious, books have been around for so long it’s almost impossible to replace them. It’s similar to coal plants for energy, they’re not as efficient as green / nuclear energy, but it’s been around so long, and has such an industry behind it, it can’t be replaced. Books, while not causing rapid global climate change, are very similar to a coal plant, and e-books are the cleaner and more efficient version of books.

Let’s get hypothetical! If books were to totally obsolesce and disappear, what would happen to all the people behind the books? Sure, the author could still write, but the printer, the publisher, all these large scale industries gone in the blink of an eye. Libraries would have no reason to exist, but college textbooks would be available online, and a lot cheaper too. Forestry would slow down, so less trees get chopped, and less people chopping. As you can see, a vast amount of jobs would be lost if books were to go away. For that matter, if there’s no books, why even print magazines, or newspaper? You can quickly see how strange and unimaginable a world without books would be, along with all the jobs lost.

Overall, books are nice, and they’re here to stay. E-books aren’t a game changer, people still buy books, so the industry still sells them, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Tomorrows topic will be about games! 


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