Today’s Topic: Email Organization

Whether you’re a student or office worker, chances are you’ve amassed quite the amount of Emails. Eventually, the amount of emails you have becomes so unbearable you can never hope to find that one email your friend sent you that had something important on it. Well, there’s certainly ways to prevent that from happening. Luckily, Gmail is already looking out for most of us.

Important! Many schools / businesses do use older versions of Gmail so this may not apply to you.

Image result for gmail gui

Pictured above is the GUI of the old Gmail, the one discussed in this post.

The proper, newest version of Gmail has handy tabs that divide your inbox already, and can be easily customized. However, we will mostly be delving into the old Gmail used by most school districts and businesses. Near the top right there’s a gear icon within a box, clicking on that will give you a drop-down. The ‘configure inbox’ option will let you choose what kind of emails to get, so you can uncheck the ‘promotions’ box and you won’t get any more spammy stuff in your inbox. However, these tools don’t mean much if you don’t regularly clean out your email. Some emails may be important, and you may not want to trash them but you can always archive them so that they don’t appear in your inbox, but they are still there.

Email organization is simple and important, and as long as you keep up with on your inbox regularly using the provided tools, you’ll never lose track of any of your emails.


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