About Me

Lucas Pichette

Yeah, that’s me, I’m a student at West Warwick High School. At a young age, one of my first true loves was my old Nintendo Gamecube and other such gaming consoles. As you can imagine, my love of technology soon branched off of my early introduction to the world of video games, and with how much tech is incorporated into everyone’s day-to-day lives, it’s difficult not to have some appreciation, or love, of technology. Now, I have a gaming PC to feed that love even more (Nvidia GTX 1050 ti and Intel i5-4400 for those wondering). Don’t be so surprised if you may find gaming posts here because of this. That’s all, I hope you enjoy what you may find here, be it my opinions on space, robots, games, and whatever other technological fantasies-turned-reality that may crop up.